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 My top 10 anime list!

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Mr. Luffy-dono

Mr. Luffy-dono

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PostSubject: My top 10 anime list!   Wed Feb 13, 2008 9:43 am

Stealth somehow made me want to do this... so. Here's what you get. I put alot of work into this, mainly to give me something to do, but I like the outcome. Anyway... onto the list. Enjoy! =D

This list is my opinion, Don't take offence PLEASE. If you do I cannot respect you.

10) Love Hina

I would have never been able to tell you that an anime that makes me feel all fuzzy inside would make it to this list. But hey... it had an effect on me. It is very ecchi, no doubt about that, made me cringe, alot. All the awkward positions Keitaro get's put in makes me feel sorry for the guy. It's a very funny, and touching anime. Just make sure to watch the OVAs, and read the manga. For the whole experience.

9) Cowboy Bebop

Ah... Cowboy Bebop. Love the name. This anime has a very cool atmosphere, calm and cool. (Sometimesher) And then... theres Ed. Is it a boy or girl? Is it even human? How can somebody sit like that for so long? I don't know but I love her. (Yes it's a her) Great set-up and delivery. Pretty much the definition of a "Cool" anime

8- S-CRY-ed

S-CRY-ed, it's bad-ass. Are you seeing a trend yet? I like kick-ass animes. Strange basis... and interesting plot. It's definately unique. It makes me dislike my plain old boring arm. Nice story, great action, unique experience. Certainly worth a look.

7) Eureka7

Is it irony that Eureka7 is ranked 7? Probably not, just me making an exuse for more words... anyway >.>
Eureka7 is a work of art. It's action-filled and has a nice story to back it up. It's also touching. Love the characters (Mainly Holland) and it's just alot of good-feeling stuff. A truely great anime.

6) Samurai Champloo

I can ignore the strange name, that sounds like a killer hair-washer. Because the awesome show makes up for that. The action in SC is top-notch. It's plot is somewhat out there, but it's good enough to pay attention to the words. Also, the whole damn thing is so damn kick-ass it makes me want to go outside and chop someone's head off. In a good way.

~~~{BOTH #4 and 5}~~~~~~

4) Code Geass

This was a tough one, this spot was going to go to either Code Geass or Death Note. After I thought about it, Code Geass had the upper hand. These animes are so similar, they had to be right next to each other in the list. They are animes that make your brain hurt, in a good way. The only thing that made Code Geass take the top spot was the fact that I loved it all the way through (And maybe the fact that it had mechs) Where as Death Note, I just like to think the series ended after episode 27. Also... Code Geass isn't over yet, second season is on it's way, so there will be more to love (DAMN YOU CLIFF-HANGERS >Sad)

5) Death Note

(See above)

3) Gintama

This. anime. is. WIN. I love Gin-san, as close as a gay love as I can have (Any jokes about this will be ignored Smile) This anime is hilarious, probably the funniest anime I have seen. And yet? It can be serious when it needs to. The story at first seems to have no real direction at all, and later? More of the same. You just learn to love that fact. If I was to cosplay... I'd probably be Gintoki.


Oh Fooly Cooly, Furi Kuri... or whatever... This anime is INCREDIBLE. It's sad how I just realized that again recently. It's style, is amazing no matter who you are. Such a strange story, but it's so strange I love it. It's hilarious, gripping, dramatic, and real... all at the same time. That is a feat to be proud of. FLCL doesn't know how much I love it, and how much it hurts me to put it at #2. If you haven't seen this anime, WATCH IT. NAO. No excuses. The biggest downside? It's 6 episodes long... D=

~~~~{DRUMROLL!!!! HERE'S #1!}~~~~~~~~~
(If you do not expect this choice... I do not know what is wrong with you. Now scroll down!)

1) One Piece-

The love of my life. I had to put this at #1, it just had to be. That doesn't make the other choices any worse... it just makes OP better. I am after all, a One Piece fan for life. So... about the actual anime? It's over 300 episodes long SO FAR, and I still love it. Oda just has a way of keeping me interested. Unique art style, story that keeps itself interesting, lovable characters. All enough to make it number one for me. This may be a biased choice but... this entire list is, so shutup. =D

And of course the ones that are good, but couldn't quite make the list. (No explanations)
Black Cat, Naruto (Not Shippuden) DragonBall, Samurai7, Trigun

PHEW.... FINALLY DONE. I put much more effort into this thing then I originally planned. Really, the fact I did this much work suprises me. So please, apreciate that I cared enough to make it and put it here. =D Hope you liked it!
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PostSubject: Re: My top 10 anime list!   Fri Feb 15, 2008 1:24 pm

I 100% agree with your opinion of "Death Note". It seems like the creators had finished the series but due to high popularity (one of the highest grossing animes of all time) the networks demanded another season and the writers were forced into bringing Near and Mello in. Although they are supposed to be the "next L" they lack the intimacy that Light and L shared.(No I'm not talking about the foot rub scene on the stairs even though that was pretty intimate....and creepy) Also the story seemed to diminish all together around episode 27.

I AM king

In addition, my top two animes are "Hellsing Ultimate" and "Zombie Loan", in no particular order. "Hellsing Ultimate" or sometimes known as the "Hellsing OVA" is simply amazing. The creators of this series added better art and moved the series along the manga making it more raw and bloody.

Hellsing Ultimate and Zombie Loan are king
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Mr. Luffy-dono

Mr. Luffy-dono

Posts : 7
Join date : 2008-02-11
Age : 33
Location : Your closet

PostSubject: Re: My top 10 anime list!   Sat Feb 16, 2008 10:33 am


Somebody finally replied. Thank god. I put a whole night's worth of work into this and about 3 people saw it. Razz

Although, a whole night's worth of work may not seem like much, but I wasn't planning on spending that long on it, or even fleshing it out, adding pictures, and describing my choices. It started off as just a list. I was just REALLY bored.

Also, if I was to revise it, I'd make Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann fit somewhere in there too.


pirat pirat pirat
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PostSubject: Re: My top 10 anime list!   Fri Feb 22, 2008 7:03 am

Ah, very good. I will make your time worthwhile, and waste mine too!

Top 10 Anime

10. Yume Tsukai

Yume Tsukai, although the storyline is dragged out and boring the further on you get, had really nice graphics and characters (no matter how cross-eyed they are)
Yeah. I pretty much don't have 10 exactly I love-love, so this is just a filler.

9. Bird Kiss

This is a neat romance, I have actually only read the manga of it, but I really like the storyline and its just super kawaii cyclops

8. Chobits

Chii is sooooo cute =3
And its just plain old funny. Specially the amount of times they mention panties in that once episode..

7. Death Note

So clever bounce
Thats it. Full stop. End of story. End of series. End of all writing and communtication.

6. Mars

Okay, from here on in, I will be super hyped, cause these are my love-love animes.
Mars is so cute. Its gripping, adorable and the art is cyclops

5. The Avatar

MOMO! I love all the characters, its so very funny and an adventure.
All in one. *squees*

4. Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicle

Might be coz I am in love with Fye.. xD
I had a hard time choosing between this and xxxHolic.
I love Mokona! His relationship with everyone is so funny ^-^
Also, Sakura is beautiful. clown

3. xxxHolic

Okay, this gets third place because of how beautiful the manga (and anime) can be, esp. with the Space Time Witch. She is just captivating. Although this story is set all in one town, it's so radd.
And I like the black Mokona more than the white one.. xD

2. Princess Tutu

EEEEEEEE Princess Tutu is cute and funny.
Never has an anime made me laugh so hard I fall off my chair (perhaps Avatar, a few times)
Then when she changes into Tutu, it becomes beautiful. =]

1. Ouran Highschool Host Club

Ouran is THE cutest. THE wittiest. Ohmahgawd..
Honey! Tamaki! Kaoru and Hikaru! Haruhi!
Never has an anime made me tearful for it to end life Ouran did.
I have never -squeed- so much, run round in circles squealing, and all that other fangirl type stuff that lets you know that..
You have one hell of an obssession =3

Done What a Face
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PostSubject: Re: My top 10 anime list!   

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My top 10 anime list!
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